Tips on How to Manage Social Media Use at Work

There are many reasons why businesses and organizations are now using cell phone spy software as part of their workplace monitoring system. One of the most important functions of this type of surveillance is to ensure social media is used by employees properly.

Social Media Use at Work.jpgAs we are all aware, the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and various blogs in the workplace has risen significantly in recent years. These tools can be very helpful for businesses in terms of increasing visibility in the community, improving employees’ knowledge, or reaching more customers. However, social media is often used by employees as well for personal purposes, and they tend to do this even while they are at work. That is why it’s vital for employers to use some software to spy mobile phones used at work.

Here are some steps employers could take to ensure social media sites are used appropriately and that personal use by employees is limited during working hours:

  1. Have a specific and clear policy for workers, but make sure to consult your employees about it as well. The policy should also be kept in a positive tone and should not focus on disciplinary action for misconduct. Keep in mind that your goal is to develop a trusting relationship with your team.
  2. Require employees to have a separate professional and personal accounts on social media sites like Facebook. Make them understand that whatever information they post using their professional account can be read by clients and other employees as well.
  3. Prohibit the personal use of social media tools during office hours. The time employees spend on the Internet and using their personal mobile phones should also be restricted. Company time must be used for business purposes only. Employers can use software like Highster Mobile cell phone locator to monitor the amount of time employees are spending online or on their phones.
  4. Remind employees to always think before they post. Team members need to be very cautious about posting any confidential information about the company and the people in it. Employees must be responsible enough to know that whatever information they share may tarnish the image of an individual or that of the company itself.
  5. If it’s necessary for your employees to share links with their business colleagues, they need to make sure the sites are credible and reputable because these will reflect on the company.
  6. If employees are blogging about the company, they should not hide their identity, and they must be transparent about the role they have in the company.


Social media plays a very important role in the way businesses are run and operated today. With the help of Highster Mobile cell phone spy software, employers can rest assured company resources are used only for the benefit of the business.

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