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A spyware in simple terms can be labelled as a program or series of programs that stealthily monitors and reports the actions of a mobile phone user to a pre-defined destination database. The Highster Mobile created by the ILF Mobile Apps Corporation is one of such spyware. The spyware was created as an aid to help parents in monitoring their kids, their location at any point in time, their activities over the cell phone, mail box and any emails that they receive so as to scan for those with harmful contents and monitor their files. It has also been of much help to employers of labor as it has helped them monitor their employees, keep track of their location while on the job and in monitoring their progress.

So far, it has been of much help and has saved parents a lot of trouble with their kids. It’s recommended for everybody and is purely legal and there are no consequences attached to the use of this software as far as it is used within the statues of the law. Some important features this app possesses are;

  • The Remote Camera and Photograph feature: With the Highster Mobile, you are granted the ability to look into the photographs that are stored on the target cell phone be it in the gallery or otherwise. These include photos they snapped with their phone, photos received from some other gadgets or those downloaded from the Internet. You can also access the date and time each photos was received. Also, with the Remote Camera pictures, you have the ability to activate the camera of the target phone and take photographs from the comfort of your own location and view the pictures as though in real time.


  • The GPS Location feature: This feature is a feature embedded in the Highster Mobile software that can be easily used to track the phone on a map in 5-minute intervals. With this feature, you can easily track down and monitor the location of the target phone or gadget. At any points in time, you can know where your kids are and whenever they leave their location to another place. You will always be sure of the location of your kid. With this feature, you can also keep track of your employees and be sure that they are actually doing their job and not whiling away time. The GPS feature takes care of all that and with the every ten minutes frequent updates and precise location information, you can be assured that you know exactly where they are.


  • The Browser History feature: The browser history feature is another super feature of the Highster Mobile that you can access and use to your advantage. With the spyware, you can get access to the entire browsing contents of the target phone and view online. There are some adult or pornographic sites with extreme sexual contents that may tend to re-orient your child’s psyche or what are distracting your employees in one way or the other. Even if the browsing history has been cleared off or deleted, with the Highster Mobile, anything is possible. Highster Mobile gives you all the details about the target phone’s user’s Web browsing activities; all sites they have visited, all files they have downloaded and all history they have cleared off.


  • The Call Logs feature: With the Highster Mobile call logs feature, you can monitor and filter all call logs on the monitored device.It is so easy to delete call logs (history of incoming/outgoing calls) after every conversation, but if you use Highster Mobile, it would be impossible for the target phone to fool you. The ilf mobile’s state-of-the-art call log app will capture every details of every call.

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