The Age of Sexting and How to Keep your Teenager Safe!



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Back in the older days of parenting kids were required to be home by the time the street lights came on. The idea of a cellular phones had not even become a concept. It was as far out in left field as the Jetsons space age living cartoon. If you would have told any one of those parents in the future kids would be able to send naked photos of themselves in an instant phone to phone, they probably would have had you locked up for suggesting such a thing.

However, in the 21st century cell phones, smart phones, laptops, tablets and prepaid cell phones are easily available and everyone has one. Let that last part sink in “everyone has one.” This means more than likely your teenager has one too and other teenagers they go to school with have one also. If your teenager has a cell phone then there is a 99.9% chance they are active on social media. Their social circle just expanded from the kids they go to school with, to now the entire world. Yes, if your teenager has a cell phone and has access to social media, then they can trace mobile location of people around the world.

I bet you went back and read the first paragraph and are wishing we were still living in the age before cell phones but we’re not so let’s move forward. With all the people around the world having this technology and social media the chances of people connecting across the pond is possible and exciting, especially to a teenager. They can meet other teenagers or young adults from other countries, learn of the culture and listen to each other’s accents. That part is pretty innocent but it doesn’t stay that way for long.

With all this easy access to flirtation, chatting and admiration there was going to be a side effect and that side effect is “sexting.” Teenagers initially do not see anything wrong with sexting. In their mind it is just text messaging with photos. In recent studies sexting has started as young as 11 and 12 years of age. The majority of teenage sexting is done between the ages of 14 – 17.

Let’s start with the obvious problem with sexting. Teenagers are putting their naked bodies out in the world for all to see. They may think that the photo is for one person but how trustworthy is that person. What if that person loses their device or gets hacked? Then that photo will make its way into the abyss that is the internet. Sex tapes, naked selfies and other private materials can lay dormant for years without surfacing. Eventually they surface, especially if the person in the photo gains notoriety or has something to lose. The photos will quickly be sold or released and by a click of a button are now all over the web.

Future school teachers, doctors, politicians and athletes who made one mistake or trusted the wrong person when they were a teenager, may have a potential life changing problem.

That is the obvious issue the circulation and distribution of photos and a potentially career damaging error. But there is a bigger problem, a much bigger problem and it’s called child pornography. Teenagers have been charged in the past for sending and receiving naked photos of other teenagers. The law makers are cracking down and taking it very seriously. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photo of yourself or your friend, it is still a crime.

You may wonder why the laws would be so serious for a teenager who made an error in judgement. The truth is they are trying to keep any and all child related pornography out of the hands of sex offenders. If teenagers keep sending out nude photos that can potentially fall into the hands of a child porn distributor and then a sex offender, it adds to the already growing problem of exploitation.

Parents should read up on their local laws and punishments. Then sit down and have a serious talk with your teenager about sexting and the life altering consequences attached to this act.

If you suspect your teenager is already doing this or don’t want to bring it up, may we suggest that you take measures to answer all your own suspicions. Purchase and download Highster Mobile mobile number tracking software and monitor all the activity on social media, text messages, all installed apps and everything else. You need to know if nude photos of your child could be released by their own hand. This is teachable moment in every parent’s life. It is a nightmare to think about it but it’s irresponsible to deny it is a very real possibility.

Give yourself assurance by monitoring their activity and a chance to correct a mistake before it becomes a problem. Keep your teenagers safe by using Highster Mobile phone track spyware.

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