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Reveal Mobile Activities with Spy Phone Application

The advent of modern monitoring has made spy phone application and softwares become advantageous to parents and those who want to monitor or track down activities of other persons. Instead of being a stalker following wherever the other person goes, one can discreetly conduct surveillance without the knowledge of the person using the device such […]

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Spy Phone Application for Runaway Kids

Parents of runaway kids or kids that escape from home could use spy phone application to track their child’s location. Using this software not only helps parents in tracing whereabouts in worst case scenarios but also avoiding possible runaways. Why kids runaway? Cliché as it may sound but “everything always start at home”. Home is […]

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The Worst Tablets of All Time

Not all tablets are created equal. Some tablets, the iPad among them, help bridge the gap between smartphone and computer, allowing people to work, play, and socialize from one handy device. But other tablets, well. The best way to describe some of the worst tablets on the market would be to call them a paperweight […]

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Common Employee Time-Wasters and How a Mobile Tracker App Can Help

Despite the popularity of various apps and software to track phone location and activity, there are still many companies and businessmen who aren’t sure if monitoring their employees through their cell phones good or effective. The problem is that although they are aware of the fact that there are many time-wasters among their employers, they […]

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Technophobia: Can I really Understand Spyware?

You may be a technophobic and don’t even know it. What is technophobia? Technophobia: is a fear or dislike of advanced technology or devices, especially computers. You may be a parent, guardian, aunt or uncle and even a grandparent tasked with the enormous responsibility of raising a child or teenager. The biggest part of your […]

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Parental Monitoring: Is This a Must?

It is often said that being a parent is the most rewarding career. As true as this may be, there are a lot of ups and downs and sometimes you just need a bit of good advice. This article will give you that strong cup of wisdom that you need in order to govern your […]

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