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Online Safety Basics Seniors Should Learn

  Many seniors today do not know the basics of online safety as they didn’t grow up with today’s technology. However, many of them are starting to use the internet and social media to shop online and connect with loved ones. With this, especially if you have elderly parents, is the worry that they will […]

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Reveal Mobile Activities with Spy Phone Application

The advent of modern monitoring has made spy phone application and softwares become advantageous to parents and those who want to monitor or track down activities of other persons. Instead of being a stalker following wherever the other person goes, one can discreetly conduct surveillance without the knowledge of the person using the device such […]

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Spy Phone Application for Runaway Kids

Parents of runaway kids or kids that escape from home could use spy phone application to track their child’s location. Using this software not only helps parents in tracing whereabouts in worst case scenarios but also avoiding possible runaways. Why kids runaway? Cliché as it may sound but “everything always start at home”. Home is […]

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