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Online Safety Basics Seniors Should Learn

  Many seniors today do not know the basics of online safety as they didn’t grow up with today’s technology. However, many of them are starting to use the internet and social media to shop online and connect with loved ones. With this, especially if you have elderly parents, is the worry that they will […]

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Modern Day Spying – Track Cell Phone Activity

  Technology When we talk about spying, the first thing that comes to mind may not be that of someone using technology such as a track phone app, or someone who can track cell phone activity, but the modern-day spy might well be using just such technology. How Does It Work? According to various sources, most notably […]

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Mobile Monitoring Software and Why It Matters

Mobile monitoring software download is increasing more than ever. Its benefits have been recognized by almost every one today which added to its popularity. These software have been the subject of many conversations, with people pointing out its bad sides and others defending its use because of the many benefits it can give. It indeed […]

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Features of the Best Cell Phone Tracking App

Consumers are always looking for the best cell phone tracking app for their monitoring needs. After all, who doesn’t want to have the best tracking software available? And to get this, you must search through hundreds of software and read countless reviews. You can’t just trust a software’s advertisement or read one review or you […]

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