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when-suspicions-arise-text-message-spy-online.jpgText message spy online app allowed me to view short message service (SMS) contents of my teenage daughter. A month ago, I noticed how strange Tia acted. One time, I caught her all giddy facing her phone and when I asked “What’s the matter?”, her face immediately turned red. There are times when I felt like she tries to distance herself every time I try to start a conversation. From then on, I got more suspicious while she became cryptic about it. Motherly instinct tells me to find solutions immediately since it was unusual of her to be that secretive.

Teenagers and texting

I have always been skeptical as to how conversations on text messages go as well as any other modernized version of human interaction. Age-wise, I prefer the traditional way of communicating. Nothing beats face-to-face exchange of thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, I am well-aware of how teenagers go about this whole technology usage. Oureverydaylife.com adds that in accordance with medical psychiatrist Micheal J. Breus, PhD, teens deliver about 100 texts per day, amounting to a massive 3,400 texts every month. Oftentimes, teenagers are texting all through college, while driving when they need to be quickly asleep, recharging their physiques for college a day later. With text messaging mesmerizing just about all facets in their lifestyles, it leaves some to question how teens who can’t pay their cell phones are changed. I have seen it on Tia and there has got to be some tool that would help parents like me, screen not only text messages but all mobile activities of teenagers. Gladly, text message spy without installing on target phone is now made possible with the help of top mobile spyware available online. Namely Highster Mobile, Auto Forward Spy, Easy Spy, SurePoint Spy, DDI Utilities.

Mobile spyware: extensive features and other concerns

After reading articles about mobile spy softwares, I made a decision to purchase Highster Mobile. Honestly, I was a bit unsure at first thinking it may not serve its purpose thoroughly, but upon using it, the quality of service is just superb! I was able to spy on text messages from computer. The contents were live fed from Tia’s straight to my desktop virtually. The convenience has totally exceeded my expectations.

I have discovered that Tia is not only hooked on texting but also in social networking sites. I saw messages, photos or posts from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I have accessed recent and deleted web searches some of which concerned me as it contained things not suitable for her age.

I personally believe it is not an invasion of privacy given teenagers are still under parents’ supervision and the fact that monitoring mobile contents is just one way of protecting their children on possible bizarre situations. As opposed to other opinions.

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