Spy on Cell Phone Without Having the Phone in Hand


Keira Malone was like every other 16-year-old in her school. She showed up every day, did her work, and then went home. Sometimes she hung out with friends right after school. Other times she went to soccer, basketball, or softball—depending on the season. And once a week she took piano lessons. She got good grades. Attended church on Sundays. And did everything right basically. So the last thing her parents ever expected Keira to do was get pregnant … but she did.


“Keira hadn’t been what you would call, classically pretty, before last year, but that all changed when she turned 16,” said her mom, Kelly. “It was like, puberty just kicked in and turned her into this swan—not that she was an ugly duckling before!”


According to her dad, Collin, Keira was a late bloomer. “She’d been pretty much a plain Jane. A sort of tomboy—what with all the sports she played. I knew that someday, boys were going to play a factor in her life, but I guess I…. Well … I guess I just didn’t want to think about it.”


The Malones stated that Keira was starting to get a lot of attention and felt their daughter was overwhelmed by it.


“Like looking at a menu at a Fridays,” said Collin in regards to his daughter and all of her suitors. “She just … wanted to sample it all I guess.”


“She started dating quite a bit,” said her mom. “I didn’t think too much of it. Nothing seemed serious.”


Kelly Malone always thought that if her church-going daughter was going to have premarital sex—like many teens these days—she would have it with a boy she was going steady with. But as it turned out, Keira had messed around with more than one boy.


Collin dropped his head and let out a big sigh then stared off into the distance as his wife continued quietly. “I wish I’d allowed Collin to put that spy app on her phone earlier….”


What Kelly was talking about was a mobile monitoring system that her husband had wanted to install on their daughter’s cell phone the year before, but which Kelly vehemently forbade. “He wanted to put this thing called Auto Forward on her cell so that we could check up on her…. I wouldn’t let him, because I thought it was an invasion of her privacy…. I was so wrong.”


What Auto Forward would’ve revealed to the Malones was that Keira had been sexting with three different boys and sent several semi-nude pictures to two of them. Had they been monitoring Keira’s phone, they would have seen these sexts and photos, as well numerous flirtatious Tweets and ShapChats. They would have also been able to track Keira’s whereabouts when she didn’t show up at piano practice one day. That, Keira admitted, was one of the times that she was having sex.


“Keira’s a really good person,” said her mom Kelly, tears welling up in her eyes. “I can’t believe this happened.”


Unfortunately for the Malones, it did happen—and it could happen to your family—but you can prevent it. By installing a high-quality cell phone spy app like Auto Forward on your loved one’s phone, you can monitor their online—and in effect, offline—behavior twenty-four hours a day, every day.


Keira now has that very spy app on her phone and she’s not complaining. She’s a new mom now. A teenage one. And she doesn’t want anything like that to ever happen again. That’s why she willingly let her dad install Auto Forward on it.

Technology and communication - confused teen girl talking on mobile phone smartphone worried woman using cell phone on blue. Misunderstanding.Auto Forward mobile spy gives parents complete access to a target phone’s dashboard. It allows parents to access every text, call log, SMS message, picture sent and received, and more. Moms and dads also use it to check out their kids’ social media activity and track their physical whereabouts.


And Auto Forward isn’t just for parents! Employers use it monitor their employees—checking on what they’re doing on company phones that have been given out for work. And spouses and significant others use Auto Forward to make sure their loved ones are safe when they can’t be there to do so in person.


Can you monitor a cell phone secretly without actually having the phone?


While the Malones told Keira that they put a spy app on her phone, you don’t need to. Nor do you have to have the target phone in hand in order to spy on a cell phone. Auto Forward is completely reliable and always discrete—giving the user easy access to the device no matter where they are.

Thousands of parents, employers, and other individuals have used Auto Forward with great success—and each has been pleased with its simplicity, function, and user-friendliness.


Auto Forward lets you:

  • Check emails.
  • Read text messages.
  • Set up keyword alerts.
  • See every picture taken, sent or deleted.
  • Browse every website visited.
  • View all calls.
  • Track the physical whereabouts.
  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Read iMessages.
  • Monitor running apps.
  • Watch every video on the device.
  • See every installed app.
  • Lock the phone remotely.
  • Remotely uninstall the app

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