Special Delivery! Delivery Drivers Shouldn’t Be on the Phone

texting-while-drivingI realize that this is a busy world and that people need to be on their cell phones all of the time in order to do their jobs, but there’s one time when they shouldn’t be on a phone—when they are driving!

Everywhere I look, I see people driving and talking, driving and texting, driving and swiping. No one is paying attention to the actual driving. It scares me. It angers me. It offends me. Your call or text is not as important as a human life—especially my human life and that of my family’s.

Distracted driving causes more accidents in the U.S. than anything else. And distracted driving because of cell phone use is the biggest cause. People don’t realize it, but it’s an epidemic—a deadly one. So imagine how upset I was the other day when a delivery truck came barreling down on me, through a red light, because the driver was on his cell phone. That deadly epidemic known as texting and driving almost took another life: mine!

If you have a business and use deliverymen to do their job, you should take it upon yourself to school them in not driving and using a smartphone. It’s just not smart. I realize that these guys need to be on their phone sometimes because there are getting instructions or following the GPS, but there’s a time and place. That time and place? When they are in park on the side of the road.

If you care at all for the well-being of your drivers, their vehicles, and the people around them, then you should set the rules about proper operation of a vehicle. If one of your employees causes an accident because they were messing with a smartphone while driving, your company could be sued. If there’s a death due to this abuse, things could get worse. Even if nothing happens at all, you’ll be paying out of pocket to fix your vehicle. Do you really want to throw money out the window because of something as stupid as this? I would hope not.

If you’re serious about stopping your employees from texting and driving then you should install a mobile monitoring app on every device that you give to your employees. A mobile spy app like Auto Forward or Highster Mobile or even SurePoint can give you access to every phone with the software loaded on it. From there you can see if your driver’s are using their cells while operating a moving vehicle.

Calls, texts, SMS messages—these spy apps let you see each and every one. You get complete access to the phone’s dashboard so that you can check it all in real-time. You can also take a picture with the phone’s camera to see your driver’s environment and even track it with the app’s GPS locator function.

Even if you don’t have drivers in your business, its actually very wise to install these apps on every phone that belongs to the company in order to make sure no one is abusing the device (loading porn, sexting, giving away company information, etc.) You probably already do it with your in-house desktops and Internet, so why not with your smartphones?

Just remember, every life is more important than any delivery. Don’t let your drivers—or anyone you know—be foolish enough to text and drive. Have the conversation about phone responsibility—and install the monitoring app to protect yourself and others.

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