Use Smartphone Monitoring Software to Watch Over A Surrogate Mom

If you’re considering having a child for the first time—or have had one before—you may wonder just how well your pregnancy may go. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories that some women have had with cases of toxemia or retained placenta. Maybe you yourself have had these difficulties with your first or second pregnancies. Or perhaps, you’re at high risk due to other illnesses or health reasons.

Women all over the world have had pregnancy problems for generations. And even though the modern world offers so many resources and solutions, giving birth still comes with its risks—to both the mother and child. That’s why a lot of women with high-risk possibilities are turning to surrogacy.


What is a surrogate?

A surrogate mom is someone who carries the fertilized eggs of another woman inside of her. The process is done via in vitro fertilization. Eggs from the want-to-be mother are fertilized with sperm from the father. These eggs are then placed into the uterus of a selected gestational surrogate. That person then carries the developing baby until birth and then hands the newborn off to the parents.

Surrogacy has been around for a number of years and has been met with great success. However, many who consider going with it do have their qualms. Many momma wannabes wonder who to choose to be their carrier—relative, family friend, experienced surrogate? Some question if they will love a child they didn’t carry in their own womb as much as if they did. And others wonder how much influence they can have on the surrogate once they’ve entrusted their eggs to her.

smartphone monitoring software for surrogate moms

Protect your surrogate with smartphone monitoring software.

Many people today are installing cell phone surveillance software on the phones of their loved ones. They use these mobile software programs to monitor them wherever they go. A top spy app can give you complete access to another’s texts, emails, social media posts and physical whereabouts. Parents use them to make sure their kids are safe. Employers use them to monitor their workers’ productivity. And even spouses use them to confirm that their significant others are remaining true. You too can use smartphone monitoring software. You can use one to check up on your greatest investment … the host of your child to be.

smartphone monitoring software for surrogate moms

Choosing a mobile spy program can be just as overwhelming as choosing a surrogate, so make sure you check out a good amount of spyware reviews before you pick one. However, if you’re looking for a recommendation, know that thousands of people are using one called Auto Forward. Auto Forward is a top spy app that has been protecting loved ones from hackers, scammers, bullies, stalkers, and all-around bad decisions for years. It’s a solid choice for anyone considering a surrogate for their next pregnancy.

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