Rules for Using a GPS and Mobile Number Tracer on Workers

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For many business owners, the ability to track mobile phone using some software like Highster Mobile is a huge advantage. This is particularly true for companies that have employees on the road. As we all can imagine, employees who are often in the field think that they have more freedom compared to office workers. As a result, they tend to waste time and other company resources because they are not being monitored. But this is not the case anymore today. The availability of GPS technologies and cell phone trackers is giving employers new means to keep track of their workers.

Is GPS Tracking Legal?

In almost all states in the US, the courts have considered GPS tracking devices reasonable. Legal experts say that workplace surveillance is perfectly legal and is already a common practice. Thus, if the workplace of an employee is a vehicle or different locations, then employers have a right to keep an eye on their workers on the road. This means that it is legal for business owners to install mobile number tracer or trackers on their field employees’ mobile devices.

The Importance of Drawing the Line between Personal and Work Time

It is important for employers to employ GPS tracking on their employees only when the workers are supposed to be working. For example, an employer may question a worker why the cell phone tracker showed that he was at a restaurant when he was supposed to be at a factory. But during after-work hours, employers shouldn’t use the GPS tracker to monitor the location of employees. In short, there has to be a legitimate reason why an employee should monitor the location of an employee.

Letting Employees Know about Monitoring Is Sometimes Necessary

The legality of using cell phone spy software on employees’ mobile devices is one of the biggest reasons why many companies still hesitate to use it in the workplace. There are labor groups who insist that this kind of monitoring is a violation of a worker’s right to privacy. This is true, but only if the cell phone being monitored is personally owned by a worker. Businesses are only allowed to track devices which they own. Thus, employers can only monitor company-owned cell phones used by employees.
Letting the workforce know about this kind of monitoring is another way of avoiding any legal complications of employee cell phone monitoring. Companies need to put this policy in writing and make sure that every employee is aware that their cell phone use is being monitored.


There is really nothing wrong with using GPS tracker Android in the workplace, especially if its objective is to monitor productivity and prevent time-wasting. Highster Mobile is a reliable cell phone tracking app that can help business owners ensure that all employees are being productive and efficient during working hours.

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