The Most Productive and Modern Way of Cell Phone Snooping


One can productively do cell phone snooping without physically prying on the device. Modernization allows a curious soul togather even the most intimate mobile data by installing cell phone spy software.

The catch is you have to be keen on choosing only one that befits your needs. Any of the aforementioned can scrutinizes messages be it SMS, MMS or any messenger enabled social media sites besides tracking GPS location and remotely capturing images of subject’s current surrounding.

Highster Mobile: My Ultimate Cup of Tea

I am a bank teller by profession, the demands of my job resulted to my daily anxiety towards the school and in-between activities of my 16 year old daughter. Blame it on the news about abduction, bullying and all stuff affecting teenagers of today.  I hardly have time to check on my (two) kids while working. And if I do, that would only be during break time wherein I call for a little less than 5 minutes. I must admit it just is not enough to ensure that my kids are really doing well or not.

As much as I want to be updated every step of the way, it is unethical at the same time unsettling to use mobile in the middle of transactions. Apart from doing my probe on possible solutions, a client once shared to me about spyware and its uses. How it greatly assisted on monitoring her 4th grader, of whom she left under grandmother’s supervision due to constant work-related travels. She was particularly talking about Highster Mobile. I was easily persuaded to download the software given the need.

Cell phone spy device software, Highster Mobile, true to its marketing, allowed me to go over phone calls made by my kids (especially my eldest, who happens to be a teenager) including time and date the call was made. It enabled me to go over incoming and outgoing (SMS, MMS) messages and emails complete with information about sender and receiver. I also knew whether they are already in school or elsewhere through Global Positioning Tracking (GPS). , browsing history, Photos, videos, as well as posts and messages on social media websites were accessed via simplified control panel where data from my kids phone are stored. I knew I made the right decision when data that I needed most kept on coming even at work. I never thought monitoring my kids would be this techy (and practical nowadays).

Privacy Issues

If you go through specific cell phone spy, you will see in the disclaimer section (usually found at the lower most portion of the page) warnings concerning privacy issues conveyed by this kind of spying. Variations of laws often depend on what particular state the “investigator” resides. It is judicious to consult on authorities regarding legalities, to elude criminal sanctions in the future.

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