Is It Possible to Track Text Messages Without Physical Phone Access?

If you have not heard of downloadable spyware then you are in absolute confusion to answer the question: Is it possible to track text messages without physical phone access? This sure-fire software can instantly give user ease by acquiring information (not just text messages alone) from ALL cellular activities of a target. Given how staple this device is on individuals nowadays; all the more reason for viable info collected from it.

This article is basically adhering to such by giving a run-down of what parents, employers or generally those who aim to extract info from another, using a practical spyware choice. Information from list of most recommended and how it works will definitely be discussed here.

Today’s Most Recommended Spyware

Agreeing pretty much from that of Cell Phone Tracking, a review spyware website discussion of what sets today’s best spy software apart from premium features offered is its affordability that does not compromise performance. Below are five of the most recommended which prices ranges from $29.99 monthly or $69.99 annually, nothing more than that:

  • SurePoint Spy
  • Easy Spy
  • DDI Utilities
    • Works likely same a Auto Forward as a data back up and retrieval software apart from being a monitoring tool
  • Auto Forward
  • Highster Mobile
    • Most convenient for Apple users like Auto Forward because no jailbreak necessary
    • Only app that has a stealth camera feature allowing photo capture of object’s current surroundings

However said to be outperforming all sorts of surveillance or info extraction systems, there is an entirely unique way to get hold of target’s public records within a click’s time online.

How Spyware Works Without Phone Access

With a stable internet on a capable cellular phone or device and the spyware successfully downloaded, info collection works remotely. Not a single touch of target’ device is required because everything is done over-the-air. So while parents are at work or doing errands, they can check on child’s GPS location and during / after-school whereabouts on real-time. Same goes with employers who want to secure labor productivity during work hours screening discreetly emails and other unnecessary online doings (usually social media or personal calls) of employees while trying to accomplish a task. Let us not forget worst case scenarios of a cheating spouse, hiding text messages, could clearly be monitored by utilizing spyware.

Note that for the above-mentioned beneficiaries, spyware is supreme, there are state and country legislation that do bipolar puns on this innovative surveillance tool coining its use as abusive and invading one’s privacy.

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