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Outstanding Features that Distinguish Highster Mobile Spy from Other Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Do you need to spy on your child, spouse or employee but have difficulty settling on the appropriate cell phone tracking apps? Do you find yourself in a dilemma choosing the appropriate cell phone monitoring software because of the thousands you stumble upon online reading cell phone tracking reviews? Well, we might just have the answer for you and confidently recommend for you the tried and tested Highster Mobile spy. Before you accuse us of doing so haphazardly, we are going to back our choice with facts as well as features that make it stand out. For starters, most scam websites and spy technology are quick to shout at roof top as to why their cell phone tracker app is the best but have nothing to show in terms of customer satisfaction or testing.

Highster Mobile Spy is a unique, celebrated and outstanding cell phone monitoring app with thousands of customers that can attest to its efficiency, reliability, and affordability. If you are looking for a cell phone tracker app that accords you more than the basic features, Highster Mobile Spy is the application for you. With Highster Mobile Spy, you can get access to the basic features common with many other cell phone trackers such as text messaging tracking, call tracking, GPS locator, website visits as well as social media activity. However, that is not everything you get with this mobile tracker. It is for this reason that we have taken the time to detail for you the outstanding features that make this particular cell phone monitoring application stand out among others.

Photo and video logs

We understand that sexting is a major concern among parents. Do you know what your daughter might be up to with her phone? Are you afraid that she might be exposed to online predators or simply taking the sexting route or visiting pornography websites? With Highster Mobile Spy, you get access to pictures that the target phone has received, the videos downloaded, sent and received and from this information you can act before your teenage kid goes to the dogs.

Applications manager

Simply monitoring your phones activities is not enough. You definitely want to implement preventive measures and there is no better way to do this than with the Highster Mobile applications manager feature. This feature makes it possible for you to see all the applications that your teenage kid has installed and running on their phone. If you notice that there is a harmful app installed and running, you can always act before it’s too late.

Block application

Of course, monitoring and seeing applications installed and running is not enough. You can always block the kind of applications you do not wish to see installed on your teenagers phone. With the Highster Mobile Spy Block application feature, all you need to do is indicate applications you wouldn’t want to be installed on your teenager’s phone when installing the spy app.

Search alerts

With Highster Mobile Spy installation, you get to receive an alert every time your teenage kid searches a term you had flagged during installation! How wonderful that is! It gives you an idea of what your teenager frequently searches for online and as such you can implement measures to educate or give advice to your teenager before things get worse.


We all know that SnapChat has become very popular with teenagers as a medium of sexting. The fact that the images self-destruct after 10 seconds has made it very difficult for parents to actually get to see the images that their teenagers send. However, with Highster Mobile Spy cell phone monitoring software, a parent is able to get a sneak peek of all SnapChats even before the teenager views them.

With all the above, outstanding features, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t purchase this amazing app and enjoy its outstanding features!

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