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Online Safety Basics Seniors Should Learn


Many seniors today do not know the basics of online safety as they didn’t grow up with today’s technology. However, many of them are starting to use the internet and social media to shop online and connect with loved ones. With this, especially if you have elderly parents, is the worry that they will become a cyber victim. Here are some online safety basics and dangers all seniors should be aware of.

Online Safety Basics For Seniors

There are an endless amount of online safety basics and tips seniors should know. We have listed the top 5 safety basics that are essential.

online safety

Online Dangers To Look Out For

The above safety basics are to help seniors so they don’t succumb to various online dangers. Below are the most common dangers that seniors fall prey to.

Email Scams

Email scams are similar to mailed letter scams, but digital. With email scams, people pretend to be legitimate companies wanting something from the recipient. For example, a sweepstakes company sending you an email saying that you won the grand prize and asking you to pay a fee. Scammers can also pretend to be a loved one looking for money. Thankfully, most scam emails end up in the Spam folder, but sometimes they do end up the Email Inbox.

Fake Social Media Profiles

On Social Media, there are people who create fake profiles for the purpose of hacking or scamming other users. Sometimes, it is as simple as accepting a friend request. As said above, social media users should not friend and follow anyone they don’t know, unless it’s a verified account. Since most seniors are on Facebook, click here for tips on identifying a fake Facebook profile.

Non-Secure Websites

Sadly, not every website on the internet is secure and safe to use.  Non-secure sites could hold all kinds of trouble from hackers to malicious malware. An easy way to spot a non-secure site is looking at the beginning of the URL. If it begins with “https”, then it’s likely secure. However, if it begins with “http”, the site is likely to be unsafe. Another way is having anti-virus software installed on your computer. Certain software programs like Norton Security have safe search which notifies users of a site’s safety level.

Being aware of these online safety basics and dangers will keep seniors protected online. If you have elderly parents, an easy way to monitor their online activity is by using a spy phone application.  

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