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How Monitoring Software Can Keep Your Teen Safe on Social Media


With teens on social media, it’s hard for parents to keep track of everything their teens are doing online. Thankfully, there is a solution! Monitoring software programs are available to parents to ease their worries. This software is especially useful for hardworking parents who aren’t with their teens 24/7.

Uses of Monitoring Software For Parents

This software is used by parents to track their teen’s cell phone social media activities. They can see who their teen is friending, following, and messaging, and what they are posting and sharing. It covers monitoring all activities on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even deleted social media content can be extracted and backed up! An added bonus is that the software will be invisible on the teen’s phone.

Teen Social Media Safety Tips

Along with monitoring a teen’s smartphone activities, parents should teach their teens these social media safety tips.

monitoring software

It’s a parent’s job to teach their teen proper social media etiquette and monitor their activities. They will be better off and it will strengthen the parent – teen relationship.

By using tracking software and following these tips, Parents can keep their teens safe from online dangers! There are many predators and pedophiles on social media looking for naive and innocent teens to prey on. Protecting a teen from these dangers will always be a parent’s #1 priority.

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