Modern Day Spying – Track Cell Phone Activity


When we talk about spying, the first thing that comes to mind may not be that of someone using technology such as a track phone app, or someone who can track cell phone activity, but the modern-day spy might well be using just such technology.

How Does It Work?
According to various sources, most notably perhaps Wikipedia, US government agencies such as the CIA are heavily into using the day-to-day technology we all have to help in its fight against crime, and more specifically terrorism. What type of technology that we are using are the CIA interested in tracking and gathering information from? Well, pretty much anything they can! In particular, our laptops,  personal computers, cell phones, tablets and even our smart tv! All of these devices have technology built-in which opens up the opportunity for someone such as the CIA, to monitor the device using special software such as spy app text messages. The software can even be obtained online through companies such as Highster Mobile or Hero Searches.

What Is Tracked?
So, what kind of information can be gathered? The simple answer is a lot. As well as tracking your calls and texts, both incoming and outgoing – even if they’re already been deleted -; information on your exact location using your device’s GPS can also be easily obtained; full details of your contacts list can make its way into their hands; and much more. You can assume that whatever you have in your device can be obtained and monitored.

Protecting Yourself
How can I protect myself against such activity and spying? That’s not so easy to answer. Of course, the foolproof way would be to not use any kind of computer, not to own or use a cell phone and to throw out that nice, new smart tv you just purchased. However, that’s not really realistic in the world we live in today. Therefore, you should assume your devices are being monitored and use that knowledge to ensure you are not using these devices for anything someone else might think is more than just interesting.

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