Why Is Mobile Number Tracking Necessary for Effective Parenting These Days?

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If you’re wondering why many parents intend to install mobile number tracking programs or apps on their children’s phones, it’s simply because young people today are so reliant on their mobile devices. As a matter of fact, studies show that around 75% of 12 to 17 year old teens in the US have their own cell phones, majority of whom rely on text messaging for communication. Considering how text messaging has become the primary means of communication among young people, one has to wonder how this shift in technology changes the behavior and social lives of today’s teenagers.

Text Messaging Patterns among Teens

More than half of the teenagers involved in most research studies say that they tend to use their cell phones to send text messages more that to have spoken conversations. Researchers say that teens send at least 50 text messages a day, and there are even a few who would send more that 100 text messages per day! This seems unbelievable, but it’s quite normal for teens. For most parents, phone track software is what they need to monitor the kinds of text messages their teens are sending and receiving on their phones. This is how they also ensure that their children do not engage in things like sexting.

Social Impact of Texting

Texting allows teenagers to feel constantly connected to their friends, which is very important for them. While it’s good that text messaging prevents young people from feeling lonely, the unrestricted access to this also comes with negative effects. According to surveys, teens are likely to have issues with their pals due to miscommunication. Teenagers also expect that their friends can respond to them immediately all the time, and when it does not happen, it easily causes misunderstandings. Experts say that incessant contact with pals can affect a teen’s decision-making skills because they feel they are not capable of making decisions on their own.

Other Social Effects of Texting

More and more teenagers prefer to send text messages than to talk. For many experts, this can possibly have a lot of negative effects on the emotional growth of a young adult. When teens don’t get enough opportunities to have face-to-face conversations, they are not likely to learn how to read body language, facial expressions, and other nuances in speech. Too much reliance on text messaging may also prevent teens from developing empathy. Teens are likely to be too dependent on their friends because of their constant contact through text messaging.
It’s almost impossible for parents to successfully take cell phones away from their teens. What they can do instead is to monitor their children’s cell phone activity using Highster Mobile. This cell phone spy app can also be used to trace mobile location, which proves to be essential for parental monitoring nowadays.

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