Highster Mobile Review


In a world where everyone is on the go all day long, it’s hard to know if your loved ones are safe and sound—both in the real world and the online one. That’s why millions of people are turning to mobile monitoring apps to keep an eye on them—and they’re choosing the Highster Mobile cell phone spy app as their #1 choice.

Highster Mobile is the top-rated cell phone spy app for both iPhone and Android devices. It’s an always-reliable and completely undetectable surveillance program that allows you to see every text, email, social media post, SMS message, and more on someone else’s phone. It is simple to install and easy to use and works with any cell phone data plan provider.

THE GOOD – The no jailbreak program is fast and powerful and the easiest to use.

THE BAD The user panel isn’t eye-catching, but who cares if the program works? And it does!

THE BOTTOM LINE – The advanced design and structure make it always reliable and simple to use. Discrete, affordable, and complete with live telephone support, Highster Mobile provides a headache free experience for all.





You don’t have to be a cell phone spy pro in order to track someone. Highster Mobile is used by so many different people from all walks of life and for so many reasons. You probably fall into one of the following categories. Each has its own reason for using a high-quality mobile spy app like Highster Mobile.

Parents use Highster Mobile to keep an eye on their children. Whether you have a youngster on an iPad or a teen on an iPhone or Android, Highster Mobile lets you see every single thing they do on those devices. Check their Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat activity to see if they are being bullied or preyed on by sexual deviants or scammers. View their browser history to make sure they aren’t looking at hardcore porn or investigating how to join a terrorist group. Check out every single picture and video to make certain they aren’t taking and sending out any sexy selfies. And take advantage of the Search Alert feature to help cut down on their use of bad language.

Employers use Highster Mobile to make sure that the workers they’ve entrusted company phones to are doing their jobs. They use it to track drivers and traveling salespeople with the GPS Locator to ensure that they are at their destination and not somewhere else. Highster Mobile makes it easy for you to monitor employees’ work output by letting you see how much time they’re wasting surfing the net, browsing websites, texting friends, or uploading pictures. You can check to see if they are sharing confidential company information via email, getting into racial or political fights on social media, or sexting with underage girls—all on your company phone!

Spouses and significant others use Highster Mobile to make sure protect their loved ones. Whether you are married, cohabitating, or something else, this top spy app gives you the added protection of watching over your significant other when you can’t be there to do it in person. Make sure your spouse got to their destination with help from the GPS tracker feature. Check your significant other’s emails to make sure they aren’t being scammed by some criminal overseas. And remotely lock your loved one’s phone if it gets stolen or lost so no one can access their personal information.


Take a look at some of Highster Mobile’s fantastic features:

  • Log in from any mobile device or computer
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Record and view all call details
  • See every text message sent and received
  • Track physical locations via GPS Locator
  • View ever email sent and received
  • See every calendar entry
  • View every website browsed and get details
  • See every photo viewed on the phone
  • Get alerted to pre-determined, flagged words
  • See videos viewed on the phone
  • View all phone contacts
  • Monitor device health and status
  • Get periodic uploading of data



With all that Highster Mobile has to offer, you’d be hard-pressed to choose any other spy apps for Android or iPhone. So why bother? Order Highster Mobile today so that you can make sure your loved ones are safe tomorrow … and every day after that.


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