Why Some Experts Feel Cell Phones in School is a No No

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It seems like a no-brainer that cell phones should not be allowed in school.  Many schools don’t allow students to have phones simply because they think they are a distraction (which they are).  There are legal issues also creating more tension about the issue.  Students want to be able to get in touch with their parent in case something happens. This is a legitimate reason to have a cell phone in school, yet it doesn’t justify the thought of it being okay for them to be in school.  There are other issues related to the problem that are just as important when weighing pros and cons.  While some schools allow students to have their device with permission, others feel it is in best interest to keep them at home.  Here is a take on why experts feel it is not necessary to have cell phones in class.

Teachers Fighting for Attention of Students

In short, cell phones are considered to be a learning distraction.  Why should students have a cell phone in their pocket or on their desk when they would constantly want to check it for messages? Some schools let kids have mobile devices in class but for research purposes. Teachers have a hard time as it is dealing with students that are disruptive, disrespectful and don’t want to learn.  Having cell phones in class could lead to having other unnecessary content in class making it harder to pay attention.

Safety May Not Actually Improve

When you think about it, students would end up using cell phone tracking apps more often and cyberbullying risk increases with more usage.  Keeping cell phone use to a limit during the day can help reduce cyberbullying.  Phones in school could also create more accidents in hallways or on the stairs.  Students may have their device in hand looking at it and bump into someone or trip. There could also be an increase in devices being reported stolen.

Leadership Suffers

Teachers and school leaders need to work together to enforce rules and encourage limited usage.  Sometimes when things go wrong with students more effort is necessary from school leaders and parents. Having cell phones in school may be a safety issue when making sure they have a device to call parents when something happens.  If students continue to get their way when it is not necessary it may become more difficult to enforce regulations.  This means parents and school leaders need to work together to ensure safety of students with the best solution.

Student Progress May Suffer

Student progress may suffer in a number of ways, but experts suggest students from low income families and those considered low achievers may not progress as much as they should.  In some cases this could make sense.  Those from low income or considered low achievers are likely to be more distracted with their device.  Even though there is school bending the rules just a bit to benefit the students, some may end up suffering without realizing it.

Additional Insight

Parents may end up deciding whether it is okay for their child to have a cell phone.  Depending on where you live and where the child attends school it may be worth looking into. Parents should review with their child how to keep their device save during school hours.  The only reason why many people want their child to have a phone is in case something happens.  Nowadays, more students are using tablets in place of their cell phone, especially when there are apps that let you use the tablet in the same manner.

The Use of a Mobile Tracker

The use of a monitoring software like Highster Mobile can help parents keep track of their child’s cell phone activity. Highster Mobile is the top spy software according to cell phone tracking reviews.


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