DDI Utilities Review: Combining Data Backup and Recovery in One Tool


This DDI Utilities review serves to discover the functions of this software and learn more about its performance and benefits. Companies like DDI Utilities have finally managed to create a tool which combines data recovery and backup in one place. We have compiled a list of qualities worth looking into in terms of the tool’s overall function.

What files the software can backup and recover:

  • Phone contacts
  • Messages
  • Call logs
  • Media files such as videos, images and recordings
  • Voice mail
  • IMs
  • App files
  • Games
  • Documents and other saved data

These important files are among the major data found in a mobile phone. Considering these information, we can clearly say that the tool from DDI Utilities can be utilized for both personal and business reasons.

What can the backup and recovery tool do:

  • It can save a copy of mobile phone files that have been lost or deemed inaccessible.
  • It can help recover data on a phone during instances when it has accidentally deleted or restored the factory setting.
  • It can help gain access to phone data especially during instances when the phone gets wet or has undergone water damage.
  • It can help check files from a mobile phone even after all of these has been deleted from the device.
  • It can help monitor the performance of employees by checking on the company phone’s history of deleted files. This sets a level of quality control and professionalism in the workplace.
  • This can help guarantee whether certain classified files have been sent outside the company. The tool can determine whether privacy breaches have happened or not.
  • The tool can monitor loved ones and check their overall phone activity based on the information stored (and deleted) on their device.
  • The tool can help recall lost passwords instead of restarting the entire device.

The Software and Its Performance

When it comes to performance, the recovery and backup software is capable of doing the following:

  • It supports the latest iOS 9 version for Apple devices.
  • It works with the latest iPhone 7.
  • It works with all mobile phone brands running on Android operating system.
  • It works with Android 3 Honeycomb all the way to the latest Android 6 Marshmallow.

Currently, there is no DDI Utilities free download available but the software is being offered for $29.99 a month. The company offers a cancel anytime policy when downloading the software.

Overall, the tool is a good purchase for individuals who want to recover data from a phone that has been damaged due to unfortunate circumstances. With everything going digital in this technological age, having a backup of all important mobile phone data is a necessary process to secure essential phone information.

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