DDI Utilities Data Backup and Recovery Review

DDI-Logo-175DDI Utilities is making life easier for any smartphone owner that doesn’t want to lose any of their data. I could see how you could think that it’s above your head, but I promise even you non tech savvy people can figure this out no problem. Keep reading to find out exactly why back up software is a must-have for any device.

This back up and data recovery software will allow you to not lose any important data you have on your cell phone. Do you need to back up your child’s online activity? Or how about your employee’s activity on their company issued cell phone? If this is the case, then you should continue reading because DDI is definitely the software for you.

How You Can Use Back Up and Data Recovery Software

With the backup and data recovery software, you are able to back up the device whenever you seem fit. The simple steps for back up allow for quick recovery at any time.


Recover Data from Corporate Devices

Now employers are more likely to use software like data recovery to make their business run as smoothly as possible and have nothing get lost in the exchange. Employers have found many different uses for this kind of software, like protection of data, having an extra copy of all files, etc.

In order to be in compliance with the regulations the employer must ensure that the phone they are backing up is a company-issued device. The data from those company-issued devices are the only ones that they can extract information from.

With all the drama going on around business, between economic crisis, company secrets, and leakage of those secrets, protecting your company has to be your number one priority. With data recovery and backup software you can make sure to protect your company, employees and company data.


How it works

Before you do anything you should ensure that you follow all terms and conditions outlined on the DDI Utilities website, including insuring that you are the authorized user of this device.

Step 1: Purchase the Software

The DDI Utilities data recovery software has a one-time fee of $69.95. Once you purchase the software from the DDI Utilities site you will receive an installation email, detailing your login information and installation tutorial.

Step 2: Installation

After you receive your installation email you will receive one email for your login and license key information and another with the installation instructions. You need to follow the instructions for installation and follow everything step-by-step.

Step 3: Use the Login Information to Access Your Control Panel

At the end of the step-by-step installation tutorial you will be asked to login to your personal control panel. Use the login information you received in the email and you will be able to view all of the information the software was able to recover.


Features of the Cell Phone Backup Software

  • Texts: Every incoming & outgoing text messages along with the exact copy, date and time that they were sent to or from that target phone.
  • Location: The software allows you to view the exact location of the target phone at any time.
  • Call Activity: Every incoming & outgoing call in logged with the phone number, time and date of the call.
  • Web Browsing: Every website visited in logged including the URL, time accessed and a list of search terms used.
  • Apps: Every app on the target phone will get logged and backed up to the control panel. You can even block some based on whether or not you think it’s appropriate.
  • Pictures & Videos: Every photo & video taken on or received by the target phone with time and date stamps gets backed up to the control panel.
  • Social Media: This software will recover all activity on popular social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

DDI’s live control panel (the best feature in my opinion) is an online platform that includes all of the extracted information from the target phone. What that means is that all the texts, calls, tweets, messages, photos and more are visible in one, cohesive location.

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