DDI FOR DUMMIES: Data Recovery Software


They should make a Smartphones for Dummies book (if they don’t already) because I just did the stupidest thing yesterday. I accidently reset my iPhone to factory settings—and lost everything! I didn’t back up a single thing. I don’t know what I was thinking. Actually, I wasn’t thinking. About anything. And now I’m screwed.

My whole life was on there. My pictures of my kids. My videos of my kids. Every contact. Every calendar event. A bunch of work files. Saved games. And passwords. Ugh! Everything.  I mean it. I did everything on that phone and now it’s all gone.

Let me tell you firsthand, if you have a smartphone, but are prone to accidents or deletions (like me) and mis-taps, then you should do yourself a huge favor and back up everything that you can. Of course, not everything can be easily backed up—and if your phone gets lost or stolen, or you break it, then getting everything back can be a real pain in the keister. Believe me, I know. I’ve lost cell phones before—and even had a few break. Each time, I lost pictures, videos and contacts, but at least with those, it was on an old fashioned flip phone. This time I lost everything on my smartphone. Apparently I wasn’t smart enough to use it.

Of course, several of my coworkers told me—after the fact—about a backup software program that they use that I should have put on my phone. It’s called DDI Utilities Extractor and Data Recovery Software and apparently, it could have saved my butt. For a mere $70, I could have gotten everything back that I lost, but because I didn’t take the time and make the investment, I’m completely S.O.L.

That Utilities Extractor and Data Recovery Software program could have retrieved everything for me from my iCloud and a local server had I put it on my phone. Apparently, it’s also great if you have a habit of forgetting passwords or if you’re really klutzy and have a habit of dropping your phone in water or losing it wherever you go (which is my wife’s problem).

I went and looked up data recovery software programs and found a bunch, including DDI, and they all do a lot of the same thing. However, according to my coworkers and some reviews I read online, DDI is really good. Super reliable. And apparently $70 is a really good price for something that works so well.

It works with iPhones, iPads and iTouchs—and on all Android phones as well. You just have to choose which one you want to go with.

I really wish that I had planned ahead and backed up everything. Now I’m bummed. Do yourself a favor and don’t put off what you need to do. Get it done and get on with your life.

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