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The Dangers of Cell Phone Use: What You Need To Know


Even though everyone nowadays has a cell phone, there are always dangers associated with the device. From driving accidents to online predators, the everyday use of cell phones has put people at risk more than ever. Below are some dangers of cell phone use that consumers should be aware of.


Online Criminals

There are many criminals online looking to prey on innocent cell phone users. For instance, children on social media through their smartphones. Many online predators look to gain the trust of innocent children through social media. These predators create fake profiles and pretend to be someone they aren’t.

Where the trouble comes into play is when children message the predator personal information like where they live and decide to meet in person. From a survey, it was found that 46% of 10 to 17 years old had given out their personal information on social media to people they didn’t know. Besides online predators, children are exposed to cyberbullying and hate crimes on social media.


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Criminals are always targeting people online.


Targeting adults online are scammers and hackers. There are online scammers looking for naive and gullible people to manipulate. For example, a person receiving a fake sweepstakes text message or email. Once a person clicks on the message and enters or sends their personal and credit card information, scammers rob that person of every cent they have.

Online hackers prey on people who don’t know proper online safety practices like the elderly. You know that public Wi-fi that you think is a lifesaver when trying to get cell reception? Well, hackers can access people’s technological devices on it!

These are just some of the online criminals who you can be exposed to on your cell phone.



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Texting while driving could cost someone their life.


Since the popularity of mobile devices has risen, the amount of cell phone related accidents has increased as well. Approximately, every 1 in 4 car accidents are the result of texting and driving. Accidents involving cell phone use aren’t all driving related. They can also be the result of a cell phone user being distracted. Here’s one of those stories.

A video surfaced online recently of a 67-year-old woman in New Jersey. She was walking down a sidewalk in NJ and fell into a basement after tripping over an open door. Police said the accident seemed to be the result of the woman being distracted while walking and looking cell phone. She was seriously hurt but is stable.

The Lesson of the Story: Watch your surroundings, not your cell phone.

Learn more about distracted driving and how it can be prevented by reading this Distracted Driving Prevention Guide.


Cell Phone Malfunctions

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Burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cell Phone


Cell phones aren’t perfect. Just like any technological device, cell phones are prone to having malfunctions. The perfect example was the recent problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones blowing up. It was found that a battery malfunction (battery bend) caused the phone to combust. Due to this malfunction, many consumers were injured, and it went as far as cars and houses getting destroyed. One million of the 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that were manufactured were recalled.

Clearly, there are many cell phone dangers consumers should be aware of. The question is, How can these dangers be prevented? One way is by people using a monitoring software that tracks ALL smartphone activities. The software tracks texts, calls, emails, and online browsing activity. Prevent yourself and those you love from falling victim to the dangers of cell phone use.

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