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Afraid You Will Be the Victim of a Cyber Attack? Auto Forward Can Help!


Cyber attacks are a regular occurrence now online. People fear that their important information will be stolen by hackers! With this being said, there have been many sources of protection that have emerged such as Auto Forward Spy Software. 

With the recent cyber attack around the globe, you should be afraid of being a cyber victim. Last week, an attack known as “WannaCry” accessed over 500,000 computers across 150 countries! Rumors are that hackers in North Korea may be behind this attack.

So, what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber attack? Auto Forward is the solution!


What is Auto Forward Spy?

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Get text message notifications with Auto Forward

Auto Forward Spy is a cell phone spy app that can intercept a cell phone’s activities and also back up your phone data. Phone activities include text messages, calls, email, social media activity, web browsing history, and more! It’s an easy 1-2-3 installation process that’s simple even for the most non-tech-savvy person! You only need the physical phone once for installation, and then the app user will start receiving notifications.

This spy app is extremely user-friendly and used by many people for different reasons. Parents, spouses, employers – the list goes on! It’s unanimous among Auto Forward customers that the app is well worth it!


How Can Auto Forward Help Prevent a Cyber Attack?

There are many ways Auto Forward Spy can help prevent a cyber attack. With social media, you can see who someone is in contact with and following/friending. Social media is an easy way for hackers to access your information. It’s as simple as accepting a friend request! So with a spy app, you will know if a person is friending people that they shouldn’t!

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Do you know who you’re friending on Facebook?

Emails are also a very common way to let hackers into your devices. There are plenty of email scams many fall victim to such as “taking a survey” or “helping a Nigerian Prince.” By seeing a person’s outgoing and incoming emails, you can tell if they are in contact with suspicious characters.

If you think you or someone you know has likely been hacked, you can also find that out! With the app being able to intercept a cell phone’s activities, you can see if there’s any “suspicious” or “abnormal” activity. This includes spammy emails being sent out, texts to unknown people, or social media posts clearly not made by the account holder. So, the minute you see this behavior, you can take action right away! You can even back up your phone data using Auto Forward to be on the safe side.


Other Cyber Attack Prevention Solutions

Besides using spy apps like Auto Forward, there are plenty of small ways to prevent getting hacked. First, don’t make purchases from sites you’re unsure about. If the site is not secure, you could risk your credit card information getting stolen. Stick to reliable shopping sites like Amazon. Second, don’t let anyone use your personal computer. You never know what sites other people, including your family and friends, may visit. At least you can control what sites you browse on. Finally, NEVER click any random popups! They are an instant computer virus waiting to happen!

By using Auto Forward Spy and taking other prevention solutions, you will be ready for any cyber problem that comes your way!  

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