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How to Tell if Your College Student is a Serial Rapist: A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help

A University of Wisconsin man was accused of and arrested for sexually assaulting dozens of female students at the school and in his off-campus house. What’s more, he kept a journal of potential victims.

20-year-old Alec Cook turned himself in after being accused of a sexual assault on October 12th. The Madison Police Department launched an intensive investigation into the attack and found even more disturbing information. Apparently, Cook had kept a journal of his deeds, as well as plans for future assaults. In that journal, he listed the names of other women he wanted to have sex with. He wrote down his ideas for what he would do with them. And he even wrote how he wanted to kill some of them.

Victims came out of the woodwork.

After the Madison Police Department released his mugshot, other women started to come forward. Social media helped stoke the fire, with reposts of the image catching the attention of student after student. The numbers have climbed from three to dozens now.

Currently, there are 30 counts of sexual assault against Cook. They include felony sexual assault, strangulation, and false imprisonment. All of the attacks took place between 2015 and the middle of this month. The Madison Police Department has stated that more charges are coming.

Could this happen to your son?

What drives a person to commit such horrible acts? If you’re the parent of a young boy, you may believe that he would never do something so terrible. But how do you know? Alcohol, peer pressure, a warped sense of self, poor attitude toward the opposite sex—all play a part in how a person acts and reacts in the world. It’s up to you to make sure that your son stays on the right path. A top spy app can help!

Why a parent chooses to spy.

A lot of parents are installing cell phone spy apps on their kids’ smartphones and tablets in order to keep tabs on them throughout the day. Parents of younger kids do it to make sure they aren’t being targeted by sexual predators or going to inappropriate websites. Moms and dads of older kids use the apps to make sure they aren’t being bullied or stalked.

How a cell phone spy app could help you.

Even if you have college-aged kids, a mobile spy app installed on their phone can let you track someone by cell phone when they are far away. A good cell phone tracker app gives you complete access to their device so that you can see every text, SMS message, social media post, and physical location twenty-four hours a day.

Don’t wait until your son becomes a predator or your daughter a victim. Look into putting a cell phone monitoring app on their device—no matter what their age.


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