Cell Phone Spy Without Access to Target Phone, Now A Big Hit!


With over 40,000 (and counting) users, cell phone spy without access to target phone is now a big hit. Parents and employers utilizing this software can attest to how much it benefited their monitoring duties. It had them go about all contents children and employees have on their respective mobiles. Where they are doesn’t matter as long internet connection is steadily available since data is transmitted live.

Info Dissemination on a Whole New Level

You can just imagine working parents who are so used to subtly suffer from anxiety thinking too much of their children’s welfare, now sitting at the office, waiting for mobile contents  be reported on real time! With cell phone spy software remote installation, every  info is the easiest to access. It may be seen on desktop, tablet or mobile whichever they installed the software. These things aren’t always made available because children of today’s generation tend to be so secretive especially on social media engagements. It would help on their parenting, knowing things their teenagers involve with on the internet; inappropriate topics or activities, to say the least.

Same goes with employers, being the boss of their own company, demands utmost time and effort on all aspects. They are deemed to make sure that business is well. Turmoils may be part of the whole process, but it would be best to venture on anything for the company’s progress thus having spy apps which track employees’ work performance for quality results.

 Guaranteed Reliable Spy Apps!

These, among several available, are considerably the most reliable mobile spy software for android and apple devices. Your preference may vary but here is to give you an overview of  commendable spy apps’ features which may later affect your decision.

  • Highster Mobile
  • This app has all the reasons for being regarded as top performing. It is compatible on all android and apple units, as such can be used immediately without the need to jail break unlike other apps. It lets you see incoming and outgoing text messages, calls and emails complete with information about sender and receiver. Browser history (bookmarks included), social media posts, saved and received photos and videos, as well as Global Positioning Tracking location could be tracked. A remote camera feature that allows you to take an image of target’s current surrounding is something that separates Highster from the rest. All these could be seen on a simplified control panel on your mobile.
  • Auto Forward Spy
  • This app has features exactly like Highster Mobile’s only that it discreetly allows you to hear or listen to conversations made by target via microphone activation.
  • Easy Spy
  • Remote camera may not be accessible with Easy spy so as iPhone jailbreak is required, the rest of its features don’t really differ with that of Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy. Same goes with SurePoint Spy.



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