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Auto Forward Review

Auto Forward Spy is the leading cell phone spy program for parents and employers. It’s used by thousands of people to safely monitor the people in their lives that mean the most–the children they love, and the employees that make hundreds of businesses successful. Why Auto Forward? There are a lot of cell phone spy […]

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Cell Phone Spy Without Access to Target Phone, Now A Big Hit!

With over 40,000 (and counting) users, cell phone spy without access to target phone is now a big hit. Parents and employers utilizing this software can attest to how much it benefited their monitoring duties. It had them go about all contents children and employees have on their respective mobiles. Where they are doesn’t matter […]

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Legit Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents

This article will discuss about the different top of the line or legit cell phone monitoring for parents. Technological advancements have made this software the easiest to download. With an internet-ready mobile or tablet on hand, parents are able to purchase cell spywares online for not more than $30 monthly or $70 annually. Installation is […]

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Different Alternatives to Connecting Cell Phone Spy without Target Phone Installation

Cell phone spy without target phone installation is still possible especially if you can’t manage to get hold of the device you intend to monitor. As mobile monitoring apps continue to improve and develop higher forms of features and installation choices, connecting the target phone to the tracking portal becomes possible and attainable. How Does […]

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Ensure Child Security, Use Cell Phone Monitoring Apps

Parents of today’s generation desperately wanting to ensure their child’s safety should get to know cell phone monitoring apps. This may not only ease up worries on your precious little one but get to know more of him through its usage. Let us vividly back track life events when your teen was once a little […]

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Spy Phone Application for Runaway Kids

Parents of runaway kids or kids that escape from home could use spy phone application to track their child’s location. Using this software not only helps parents in tracing whereabouts in worst case scenarios but also avoiding possible runaways. Why kids runaway? Cliché as it may sound but “everything always start at home”. Home is […]

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Some Considerations Before Using Text Message Spy Apps

Technology has made it possible nowadays to monitor the mobile activities of another individual through the use of spy apps. These spy softwares have built-in tracking systems that make it easy to monitor and record everything that goes around a mobile device even without having to access it personally. Text message spy apps, for example, […]

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Why You Need a Cell Spy Program

Cell spy programs, or cell phone monitors, enable someone to monitor the activity that is occurring on the target phone. Without the proper monitoring program, kids and teens are in danger for a variety of reasons. The world outside simply isn’t as safe as it used to be. There are threats from ISIS, from North […]

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What Actions Should you Take if your iPhone Get Stolen?

Anyone who has had their iPhone stolen likely experienced a period of fear and anger.  There are times things like this happen so quickly you may not have time to react properly. Find cell phone location it helps to have a plan in place or a series of actions to consider if this happens.  Knowing […]

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Preventing Malware and Viruses from Infecting your iPad

The iOS phone tracking software operating system by Apple is considered one of the top secured operating systems on the market.  While users of the iPad may not have an issue with malware or viruses, it could be a problem of concern if you connect your iPad  to a computer desktop when sharing data.  Even […]

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