Auto Forward Review


Auto Forward Spy is the leading cell phone spy program for parents and employers. It’s used by thousands of people to safely monitor the people in their lives that mean the most–the children they love, and the employees that make hundreds of businesses successful.

Why Auto Forward?

There are a lot of cell phone spy apps on the market that make promises that don’t deliver, but Auto Forward is different. Its power lies in its simplicity. You don’t need a complicated or expensive monitoring software program to be able to spy on someone’s cell phone.



How Does Auto Forward Work?

If you’ve ever had an online account for any reason, you can use Auto Forward. Once you download the software, you’ll be able to get a unique license key that acts as your username. You’ll enter your license key and password and instantly have access to a unique dashboard. That dashboard will contain the target phone’s information. From there, you’ll be able to view all of the phone’s contents. You have a secret camera app and phone tracking software in no time!


THE GOOD—Auto Forward works perfectly on Androids and iPhones. The phone does NOT have to be in your possession to monitor it.

THE BAD—Auto Forward doesn’t include Viber, Geo-fencing and BBM.

THE BOTTOM LINE—Auto Forward is extremely user-friendly and very affordable. It’s a great spy app for the average person who wants to keep a close eye on someone’s online life.

Who Is Using Auto Forward?

Moms, Dads and other guardians – Auto Forward is THE choice for anyone who loves a child and worries about the dangerous digital world the child lives in. This is the age of sharing every part of one’s life—the amount of selfies and videos captured and then posted to social media sites is alarming. Auto Forward will help mitigate the dangers of oversharing by closely examining the content that a child, preteen or teenager is posting. Having a spy app like Auto Forward’s is very beneficial for parents.

Employers – Every day your bottom line is affected by big and little decisions. One of those small decisions that can have a big effect is who you distribute company cell phones to. Is your employee where he says he is? Is he wasting company time playing online games instead of making client visits? Auto Forward will answer these questions in a hurry. Spy apps for Androids and iPhones have become very convenient to business owners.


Auto Forward’s outstanding features:

  • Emails—view every single email sent and received.
  • Text messages—you’ll get an exact copy of every message that the targeted device sends and receives (even the deleted ones).
  • Social Media—you’ll see every social media post on such sites as SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and more.
  • Web browser—you’ll browse every website the targeted user visits.
  • Profanity Alerts—you’ll monitor inappropriate language with alerts delivered to your device.
  • iMessages—you’ll see every iMessage (even the deleted ones) that was sent and received on an iPhone
  • Calls— you’ll see every phone number the monitored phone dialed and received as well as the duration of each call.
  • Call recording— you’ll be able to record every call that comes in on that cell phone.
  • Remote locking—you’ll have the ability to lock the phone remotely if the phone gets lost or stolen
  • Stealth camera—you’ll be able to snap a picture remotely with the target phone’s camera and view it on your device.
  • GPS Locator—pinpoint the targeted device in real-time to within 50 feet of its location.
  • Photos—you’ll see every picture taken, sent or deleted.
  • Videos—Watch every single video the user has on their device.
  • Remote uninstall—you’ll send a simple SMS to the phone in order to uninstall the app.
  • Installed apps—you’ll check ever app installed on the targeted device.
  • Running apps—you’ll be able to see which apps are being used from your own remote location.



Although a free cell phone spy software or app sounds ideal, Auto Forward will provide you with the best quality software. If you ever need guidance you can easily contact customer support.



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