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Why Do Companies Need a Tracking App to Secure Confidential Information?

In a highly competitive workplace and business landscape like what we have today, confidentiality is very important, which is why businesses are starting to use tracking app and tools to boost data security. There are several reasons why confidentiality is given utmost importance in organizations. Failure to protect and secure confidential business information may result […]

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Spy Phone and Other Means to Know If Your Teen Is Sexting

Those parents who use mobile location tracker on their children are some of the few who can actually accept the possibility that their children might engage in sexting. Many parents have the so-called NMK virus, or the “Not My Kid” virus. This is understandable, however, because as parents, we do the best we can to […]

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The Highster Mobile App: The monitor gadget?

The Highster Mobile GPS phone tracker is software that can be installed on your computer or mobile phones or tablets that are Android, Ipad or Ipod supported. It is used to track a phone and thus falls under the category of cell phone monitoring software. Our target clients or users are parents or employers who […]

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Highster Mobile SpyMobile Telephony: A Boon or Curse?

Highster Mobile is one of the best mobile phone tracker and spy app that remotely but instantly accesses data exchanges of a target phone enabling one to monitor the activities from the comfort of his/her own cell phone, tablet or computer.  What is more, this gathered information is displayed real time, meaning that should action […]

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Cell Phone Tracking Reviews: Points to Consider Regarding Social Media and Employee Management

Cell phone tracking has become a necessity in the workplace because employers now recognize the numerous negative effects of social media on employee productivity. For employers, allowing workers unlimited access to the Internet and social media has both benefits and drawbacks. That’s why monitoring the cell phone activities of employees could well be the best […]

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