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5 Latest Tech Trending Topics You Need To Know About!


The tech industry has been buzzing recently with the latest tech news and social media celebrations. There are honestly too many tech updates to count! With that being said, here are our top 5 topics that you MUST know about!

Android Oreo

On August 21st, Android announced its newest operating system, Android Oreo! That is one sweet name, no pun intended. However, don’t jump up and down just yet. This OS is not available for download yet. The system is set to have updates such as 2x faster speed, minimization of background activities, autofill field option, picture-in-picture capability, and introduces 60 new emojis. For more information on Android Oreo, click here and watch the video below.


Twitter #Eclipse2017 Live

Who wasn’t watching the #Eclipse2017 live video hosted by Twitter? Well, I guess those without a Twitter account. For those who live in areas who didn’t get to see full eclipse totality, watching this live video was amazing! It was great to listen to people talking about the eclipse and what they were experiencing. However, it was surprising how people misspelled the hashtag, instead using #Eclipe2017. If you couldn’t watch it in-person or live on Twitter, you will have to wait another 7 years! You can watch the recording of the Twitter #Eclipse2017 live video below.


SNES Classic Pre-Order

Nintendo’s SNES Classic was released on August 22nd for Pre-Order! This has been a highly anticipated gaming system as it is a throwback to the 90s and users can play the unreleased Star Fox 2. It doesn’t go on sale until September 29th so, if you didn’t Pre-Order it, you’ll have to wait. When that time comes, make sure you do an online search of who you’re purchasing it from, if it isn’t a well-known company.

#Hashtag10 Celebration

August 23rd was the 10th anniversary of the first hashtag. Can you believe it? The hashtag has been around for 10 years. Here is the first hashtag ever tweeted:

It’s amazing how this one tweet started a #Hashtag phenomenon. Surprisingly, this user was not even working for Twitter and the hashtag was originally believed not to catch on. How can that be? #Using #hashtags #is #my #life!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unveiled

Samsung recently introduced the new Galaxy Note 8 to the world! They released details on their upcoming new product everyone has been gossiping about. These details include the phone having an infinity screen, 4 phone color options, the S Pen, dual camera option, and being water and dust resistant. This is just a small list of the many amazing features the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will include. Thankfully, Samsung has fixed phone dangers such as the battery exploding! Currently, this phone is available for Pre-Order and officially releases in the U.S. on September 15th. Watch the introduction video below:


These are the latest tech announcements that you needed to know about. Check out our other blogs on Cell Phone Tracking Review!


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